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Choosing Web Design as A Career

So, you want to become a web designer! What do you need to know? Where do you go to Study? Can You Learn at home, online or at University? How will you find web design jobs?

Before you decide on where you want to learn to become a web designer, first, you need to understand the industry that you'll be getting into. Why do you want to become a web designer, do you want to specialise in specific style or generic design? One important thing you have to be aware of is, there are tens of thousands of web designers in the UK alone, what will make you different, what skills will you bring to the table? You can find courses online to attend, or go to college, but there are many different parts to designing websites, such as wordpress, joomla, flash, php, css, java, html, python, magento and many more, will you study them all or just specialise in one? There are also many softwares and website builders that you can learn and use for your new career, these tend to be a standard template based website, drag and drop and do not need much technical knowledge to create professional web sites.

Companies such as Yola, Moonfruit and Wix are market leaders in Do it yourself web design, they offer great value for money however if you want complete control of the design, then you are best creating the website yourself. Study hard, learn your skills and soon you'll be able to offer great web design services as your new career.
How to find jobs as a web designer.

The best place to start is online, but, before you start charging for your amazing work, you need a profile, a portfolio to show you prospects. Most web designers when they're starting out will create several websites for friends or small businesses or even as a college project. Why not approach a couple of local businesses and offer them your web design services for free in order to build your portfolio, the best thing about doing this is you will receive new clients via word of mouth, the businesses you've just created a website for will recommend and refer you to their contacts, these are easy sales, but, use caution, you may want to dive right in and charge top dollar for your services, but it's better to charge small in the first year or two, the more clients you have, the more websites you build, the more customers you'll get from referalls, then you can start charging your desired prices. In the mean time, you can always sign up to lead generation websites like recommend a supplier, we offer a free account so you can submit your proposals to 4 leads a month.

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