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Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile websites are now a crucial part of web marketing, ensuring that your website is now compatible with mobiles, android and Iphones is soo important as millions of people use their mobile phones to search the net.

So the question is, is your website mobile friendly, what happens when a customer looks you up on their phone, many websites do not work properly on mobile phones, even if you have a smart phone, if your website has not been programmed to be viewed on a phone, then your customer will not have the best experience, and you could end up losing them, after all it's easier for them to click on a website that is mobile friendly and find, or buy what they are looking for.

Top tips for creating mobile friendly websites

Over the past couple of years, mobile website design has exploded, but knowing what to do and where to start can be tricky.

Mobile webdesign is not just a question of choosing between a website or an app, there are a range of options that you have to into account, such as responsive web design, mobile friendly fonts and much much more.

Here are several top tips to help you with making your website mobile friendly.

01. Plan ahead -  map out your objectives for now and the future.

02. Audience - who will be looking at your site, what is the age range of your website visitors?

03. Learn mobile website usage and your audiences behaviour patterns

04. Keep your content the same

05. Optimise for mobile friendly

06.  Use your analytics to concentrate on what devices to focus on

07. Adhere to UI guidelines and patterns

08. Don't forget the navigation keep your site simple to navigate around.

09. Prototype, test, and iterate, make sure your mobile websites works on different operating systems.

10. Deliver content quickly, make sure your mobile website is quick load and content readily available

11. Design from the user's viewpoint, look at your competitors for ideas.

12. Choose the right web font to make sure your content stands out

13. Don't overload with too much information, you don't want to drain your viewers battery.

The above are just a few pointers to consider with mobile web design, if you are unsure of how to convert your website into a mobile friendly masterpiece, then it's best to contact a professional, compare free quotes from top web designers who offer mobile website design services.

Most web designers will discuss with you about the benefits of mobile compatibility, and take this into account when designing your website, and most will include this in the cost or your initial proposal.

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