Things to know about Ecommerce  Web Design

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There are a couple of important factors to bare in mind when creating an ecommerce website, owners must consider when developing their new websites: choosing the right platform and finding the right web designer. Whether you are creating a new online business, or upgrading an existing one, these decisions are some of the most crucial ones when creating a platform for success.

The Magento Platform - leading the way in Ecommerce websites.

With so many ecommerce platforms available to choose from, it can be a daunting task to find the one that's best suited to your needs, fit within your budget range, and offer the support that your website will need as it grows and evolves. Enter Magento, the Magento ecommerce web design platform is viewed by many web design professionals as the perfect system: it is effective, affordable, and easy to use, especially for web designers. Magento allows web designers to have complete control over both the front and back ends of their ecommerce website. This means that by using the Magento software, you can fully customise your website and make it completely bespoke, controlling exactly how it looks, and what features it will have. Magento also gives the site owner the ability to fulfill any vision that they have for their web site without having to compromise due to the limitations of the platform.

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Adding a shopping cart

Do you have a merchant account? Do you have your shopping cart provider set up? Paypal and Nochex offer probably the deals, unless you can obtain a real merchant account from a bank or from a company such as worldpay, which ever you go for, one for is for sure, ecommerce web design with a shopping cart, is just a brochure website, how will your customers pay if you don't have your merchant account set up?
Terms and conditions, returns and deliveries

A customer rings you first thing Monday morning, "Where's my order/ I want my money back / the item is faulty" Arghhhh, just what you need, problems with the orders, the customer will only call you though if you do not provide all the information on your website, you need to make sure that your ecommerce website has a deliver page, a returns policy, faulty goods policy, refund and terms and conditions page, some of these are also essential if you set up accounts with PayPal, they want to make sure that each order you receive is legit, so once you've got the fun part of building your new ecommerce website out of the way, get a solicitor to wright up these policies for you.

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