The pitfalls of Do It Yourself Web Design.

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Don't want to employ a professional web designer to create your new website? Prefer to try it yourself, well there are resources to help you! These days many web hosts will offer a web site builder as part of their packages, some companies even offer free web sites such as Yola and Wix, however the free web design packages come with a clause, you have to host your website on their server and you have to use an extension of their domain name which promotes their company for example - if you just want to set up a club website or a family or free information website, then these are perfect, however for a professional image for a business, then you need your own domain name.

Which companies offer the best Do It Yourself web design services?
There are hundreds of companies around the world that offer do it yourself web design services, but which ones offer the best deal? Well lets look at the free ones first!

Free Do It Yourself web design:
Companies such as Yola, Moonfruit, Wix, Wordpress, weebly,, and, all these companies offer you a free do it yourself web design package but as mentioned earlier, they come with drawbacks, you have to use their domain name, they have big adverts on the page and links to their site telling everyone that your website was built for free by them, not really the professional image you want to be showing to your clientelle is it? But, there are advantages, besides being free, with websites such as Yola, they allow you to create up to 25 free websites on a single account, for seo purposes, this is great, you can build multiple free web pages and use them for lead generation and to generate traffic to your main website

Paid Do It Yourself web design:
Ok so you want to design an attractive website that looks gives the right impression? Then you definitely need to pay for the privilage. All Do it yourself web design providers offer a set number of website templates to choose from, the templates are based on industry and sector themes such as trade and construction, consultants, designers, education etc, they have a theme for everyone, Wordpress offer the most themes as web designers are uploading their own and selling their designs through word press. If you still can't find the right design for you, then use their blank templates, this allows you to use the drag and drop widget and design your own website, just how you want it.

Do it yourself web design vs Hiring a web designer:
Here are a few benefits for both hiring a web designer and using a Do It Yourself web design builder.

Web designer:
Hiring a web designer you are not limited to the design style
Your website looks professional and bespoke
If there are any technical issues, you have a designer who can resolve them
Contact with a human being, that personal touch

Do it yourself web design builder:
Price and affordability do it yourself web design is a hands down cheaper
build it how you want it to look, you're in control of the design
Faster to build - your site can be ready in hours
Other tools to utilise such as SEO and Analytics tools

Now you've got the facts, the decision is yours, what's it to be, get a quote from a web design agency, or do it yourself, which ever you choose, before you choose, why not shop about first, get a few quotes and proposals from web designers, compare the best option and then make your choice!

Make life easier for yourself, compare Do It Yourself Web Design quotes today!, submit your details and receive multiple web design quotes.

Make life easier for yourself, Compare Web Design quotes today!, submit your details and receive multiple web design quotes.

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