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Why you should be becareful when you buy web design leads!

Do you buy web design leads from lead generation agencies?

If so you could be spending a fortune on a pointless endeavour!

How do you know that the web design lead you've just purchased has not been sold to 20 other web designers?

The answer, you don't!

Unfortunately there are many lead generation websites that will let you buy web design leads, and tell the web designer that the leads are exclusive and will only be sold to one web design company.

You may end up paying 00's of pounds on leads that by the time you've contacted them are worthless, the customer has been harassed by multiple companies, and by the time you've managed to call them, the customer is so annoyed that they don't want a quote any more.

So where does that leave you, you've just spent your budget on buying web design leads and not got a single sale.

This is where Recommend A Supplier is different, rather than selling a lead, we offer a service that allows web designers to send a quote or proposal to a customer via email, then the customer can review multiple quotes and decide which web designers they want to talk with, this way both the customer and the web designers are happy, if you're quote is accepted, the customer can contact you and hopefully convert into a sale.

Recommend A Supplier want our customers and our suppliers to both have a pleasant and stress free experience, it's meant to be easy, you want a quote for a service, but you don't want to be hassled!

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Have you had a bad experience with buying web design leads?

If so why not tell us about it, very shortly we will be launching a new blog to name and shame lead generation companies who sell bad web design leads.

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