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What is brochure web design?

Brochure websites are typically a static website consisting of at least 4 pages, a home page, an about page, a services page and a contact page.
Brochure websites are used primarily to provide information on a company or for lead generation.
If you just want to provide information to your audience, you want to set up a website to discuss a topic, or create a website for your family or favourite sports team, then brochure websites are the best option.
They are also relatively easy to build and you can even purchase a website builder programme and do it yourself, saving money.

What type of businesses use brochure websites?
Primarily Brochure websites are used for businesses such as tradesmen, consultants, anything really that does not involve selling online. Sports clubs, local charities, fan pages and personal websites tend to also be brochure websites.

How much does Brochure Web design cost?
Cost of brochure web design can and will vary on the company or freelancer that you appoint. There are thousands of web designers in the UK, freelancers and agencies, and each will have their own skill set and pricing structure, this is why if you are going to employ somebody as opposed to using one of the many website builder software programmes, then you really need to shop about to compare quotes from web designers.
In many cases you can purchase a basic brochure web design service for a couple of hundred pounds, but you will also require the domain name and hosting, and not to mention marketing - if you want it to get on to Google and have customers find you.

Engage your audience and potential customers by selling your services through your brochure website.
Tell people who you are and what you do, when offering a service, your customers want a place where they can visit to find out more details about a service, find out information on the company they are dealing with and make their decision, having a beautifully designed brochure website will help your prospective clientelle discover more about your company, and make their decision to buy into your services, much easier.

Remember, your brochure website needs to eye catching and easy to use, website visitors want to find what they are looking for in seconds of visiting a website, or you run the risk of losing them, if a person has to scroll through pages and pages to find what they need, then they are much more likely to leave your website and click on your competitors.
Make your website links and navigation easy to find, clearly mark what your pages are about and where a customer can go to find the information they need, you can also implement a search bar so that your website visitors can type in what they need and go straight to that right page.

A well designed brochure website can be the best marketing and sales tool for your business, not to mention the most cost-effective, your brochure website is your very own sales man that is working 24/7.

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